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The classic survival Minecraft with a twist of Custom enchantments, Custom nether portal, and much more.

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CE Information


Custom Enchantments, They are like vanilla enchantments BUT they can give you special effects like speed, haste, etc. They are from crates, Spectral crates mainly.There are 6 Varients of Custom Enchantments rarity, Simple, Uncommon, Unique, Elite, Ultimate, Legendary, Mastery. You can view them by doing /ce, There's 5 Categories For the Custom Enchantments PVP, Both Contains Swords And Axes Armor, Bow, EXP Custom Enchantments And Mining.

Detonate Chance to break in 3x3 area.
Haste Allows you to swing your tools faster.
Telepathy Automatically places blocks broken by tools in your inventory.
Soulbound A chance to keep item on death.
Restore Upon breaking, item has a chance to lose this enchantment and repair half of its durability.
Auto Smelt Ores are automatically smelted when mined.
Experience Chance to get experience from mining.
Armor and Equipment
Rage (Sword/Axe) If your fighting a strong opponent, this will help a lot, since the damage gets stronger, the longer the fight.
Execute (Sword) When your opponent gets low, Your damage gets buffed, so you can finish your opponent.
Vampire + Demonic Lifesteal (Sword) This is easily a good ces combo, basically they both heal you when fighting, good for long fights.
Berserk (Axe) Altho i dont prefer this custom enchantment very much, it still has strength, good for the first few hits.
Ravenous (Axe) Chance to regain hunger while in combat, Useful for long fights.
Reaper (Axe) A chance to give your opponent Wither and blindness, good for running from a fight if your trying to heal.
Blind (Sword) Has a chance to give someone blindness, same with reaper but for swords.
Paralyze (Sword) Has a chance to give your opponent lightning effect, slowness and slow swinging ( mining fatigue ), good for early and late fights.
Poison (Sword/Axe) A Chance of giving your opponent Posion.
Trap + Titan Trap (Sword) Has a chance to give your opponet buffed slowness effect.( For Titan trap to work you need to put trap 3 on your sword for it to apply )
Pummel (Axe) Like Trap but for axes.
Cleave + Mighty Cleave (Axe) Damages Players within a radius that increases with the level of enchantment, basically if the custom enchantment is level 5 then it damages players within a radius of 5.
Assassin (Sword) The closer you are to your opponent, the more damage your deal up to 1.25x ( 1-2 hearts ) However, if you are more than 2 blocks away, you will deal less damage then normal.
Blessed (Axe) a useless custom enchantment , but can be useful to removing all the debuffs.
Corrupt (Axe) Damage wtih niche, deals more damage over time.
Block (Sword) A chance to hit your opponent back.
Enrage (Sword) If your low on health,your gonna deal more damage so you can strike your opponent back.
Ice Aspect (Sword) A chance of slowing effect on your opponent.
Disintegrate (Sword) Chance to deal double durablillty damage to all the armor with every attack.
Dominate (Sword) Chance to weaken enemy players on hit, causing them to deal less damage.
Bleed + Deep Bleed (Axe) Applies bleed stacks to enemies that decrease their movement speed.
Hex (Axe) Once a target is affected by Hex, a portion of all their outgoing damage is reflected back onto them.
Barbarian (Axe) Inflicts more axe damage.
Inversion (Sword) Damage dealt to you has a chance to be blocked and heal you for 1-5 HP.
Silence (Sword) Chance to stop activation of your enemy's custom enchants.
Blacksmith (Axe) Chance to heal your most damaged piece of armor by 1-2 durability whenever you hit a player, but when it procs your attack will only deal 50% of the normal damage.
Devour (Axe) Multiplies damage dealt to players with active bleed stacks.
Insanity (Axe) You swing your axe like a maniac. Multiplies damage against players who are wielding a SWORD at the time they are hit.
Annihilate Destroy your opponent's armour quicker!
Arsonist Chance to deal more damage whilst on fire, good if you have obsidian shield.
Jelly Legs Chance to negate fall damage.
Aquatic Gives permanent water breathing.
Ward A chance to absorb enemy damage and heal you.
EnderShift Gives speed/health boost at low hp.
Molten Chance of setting your attacker fire.
Sustain Chance to regain hunger when getting hit.
Plague Carrier When near death summons creepers and debuffs to avenge you.
Anti Gravity The higher the level is the more jump boost you get.
Cactus Like thorns but it doesn't affect your durability.
Frozen Can cause slowness to attacker when defending.
Poisoned Chance to give poison to your attacker.
Undead Ruse When hit you have a chance to spawn zombie hordes to distract and disorient your opponents.
Voodoo Gives a chance to deal weakness.
Wither A chance to give the wither effect.
Hardened Armor takes less durability damage, this could counter some ces.
Trickster When hit you have a chance to teleport directly behind your opponent and take them by surprise.
Arrow Deflect Prevents you from being damaged by enemy arrows more often than once every level x 400 milliseconds.
Dodge Chance to dodge physical enemy attacks,increased chance if sneaking.
Implants Passively heals 1 health and restores 1 hunger every few seconds.
Obsidianshield Gives permanent fire resistance.
Demonic A chance to remove fire resistance from your enemy.
Disappear Chance to become invisible when low on health.
Heavy Decreases damage from enemy bows by 2% per level.
Ender Walker Wither and Poison do not injur and have a chance to heal at high levels.
Tank Decreases damage from enemy axes by 1.85% per level, good to counter axe ces.
Valor Reduces incoming damage while wielding a sword by up to 22.5%.
Creeper Armor Immune to explosive damage, at higher levels you take no knockback from them and they have a chance to heal you.
Judgement Chance of dealing poison damage to your target or adding regeneration to yourself.
Surprise Chance to teleport behind your opponent and take them by surprise.
Quiver Chance to fling your attackers into the air.
Fat Wearer receives increased damage negation as well as absorption at higher levels.
Clarity Immune to blindness.
Deathbringer Chance to deal double damage.
Enlighted Can heal hearts while taking damage.
Gears Added speed when equipped.
Diminish When this effect procs, the next attack dealt to you cannot deal more than the (total amount of damage / 2) you took from the previous attack.
Death God Attacks that bring your HP to (level 4) hearts or lower have a chance to heal you for (level 5) hearts instead.
Destruction Automatically damages and debuffs all nearby enemies.
Lightning Chance to strike lightning on hit target.
Explosive The arrows explode on impact.
Virus Multiplies poison and wither effect damage on target and has a chance to remove regeneration effects.
Snare Chance to slow and give mining fatigue.
Venom Chance of applying poison.
Farcast Knocks hitter back a couple blocks when triggered. Happens more the lower your health.
Arrow Lifesteal Chance to steal health from opponent.
Piercing Improves damage.
Hellfire All arrows turn into explosive fireballs similar to ghasts.
LongBow If the target is holding a bow, the damage is greatly increased
Pacify A chance to pacify the target with disables rage stacks for 2-3 seconds.
Impale Deals huge damage and slows opponents Sniper: Headshots do 3.5x damage.
Nether Slayer Increases damage dealt to Blazes and Zombie Pigmen.
Inquisitive Increases EXP drops from mobs.
Ender Slayer Increases damage dealt to Enderman and Ender dragons.