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The classic survival Minecraft with a twist of Custom enchantments, Custom nether portal, and much more.

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[ Commands ]

Here you can find a list of commands that are available on Alonefield's Minecraft server.

Common Commands
/rules List the rules of the game.
/kit Lets you claim a startup Kits.
/colors Color Code Charts.
/store Shows the ingame rank Store.
/wild Takes you to a random coordinate.
/linkaccount This is to link your Java and Bedrock account together.
/spawn Brings you to Spawn.
/hub Takes you to the Game Hub.
/sethome To set your home.
/removehome To remove your home.
/home Takes you to your home.
/sit Lets you sit down.
/tpa Sends a request to someone you want to teleport to.
/tpahere Sends a request to a player that you want to teleport to you.
/warp Brings up a menu where you can choose where you would like to teleport to.
/ce Lets you see all the custom enchantments.
/ts Opens up a menu you can buy- stuff from using your vote tokens.
Land Claims
Claiming land can be done by 2 simple methods :
Method 1
Method 2
/claim To claim a default 100 x 100 block.
/unclaim To Unclaim land. *Stand in claim to unclaim the current claimed land.
/trust To give Building trust and Container trust to other players in your claimed area.
/containertrust To give access to containers in your claimed area.
/permissiontrust To give permission trust to other players so they can /trust players in your claimed area.
/untrust To Un Trust a player from your claim.
/claimlist To list all you claimed area.
/trustlist To list all players who have trust in your claimed area.
/claimexplosion To set claims explosion toggle.
Shopping Claims
/mclaim Claim a shop in the shopping district.
/mcreate Create a shop in the shopping district.
/mtrust Trust a player in your claim on the shopping district.
/mdelete Delete your shop in the shopping district.
/mshow Shows the claim area of your plot in Shopping District.
/muntrust Untrust a player in your claim from the shopping district.
/mention Allows you to enable and disable getting pinged by people.
Rank Elder Epic Titan Elite Ace
Chat Prefix [Elder] [Epic] [Titan] [Elite] [Ace]
(Change you display name ingame)
(portable crafting table)
(toggle pvp)
(ignore messages from annoying players)
(fills hunger bar to max. Cooldown: 20 mins)
(portable Ender chest)
(check if the chunk you're standing in is a Slime Chunk)
(Restores you to full health. Cooldown: 20 mins)
(Changes time for you, only you are affected)
(Changes time for you, only you are affected)
(Shifts the item in you had to your head!)
(Ride any animal without a saddle)
(Fly like in creative mode)
Number of /sethome 2 3 4 5 6
Ability to skip teleport countdown
Ability to join server when its full.
Ability to talk on discord’s ingame chat.