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The classic survival Minecraft with a twist of Custom enchantments, Custom nether portal, and much more.

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Map Information

[ Map Information ]


This is the hub, every time the server restarts you come back to the hub, and to go back just step on the left side pad. To head back to hub, do the command: /hub


This is the Spawn, or hub of Classic, you might know this from the first-time u joined the server, here you can open keys obtained by vote parties or buying them from using tokens or buy them from the store. To go to Spawn, do the command: /spawn

Shopping District

The Market is where people make shops to sell their goods and earn profit while benefitting the buyer as well, you can buy a plot area from the town hall and to go to market do the command: /warp Shopping

To buy a shopkeeper go to this place, its located at the right side when u exit the town hall area:

The top villager is the one where u can buy the shopkeeper from, the others are for selling mob heads.