1. Respect others' opinions.
2. Do not advertise
3. Do not mention other servers.
4. Do not spam.
5. Do not text in any other language except English in the global chat. Use /msg and /r to talk privately to other players.
6. Do not curse or use words that might offend others.
7. Do not use tools that might give you an edge over other players.
8. Do not try hacking/X-Raying. It may lead to jail/permanent ban.
9. Do not engage in pvp without consent from both the other player.
10. Do not feel hesitant about reporting any player to the staff.
11. Usage of exploits such as AFK fishing and 0 tick farms aren't allowed. They may lead to TNT explosions or jail
12. Usage of 1 account per person only. Any person found using any alternate account shall be punished accordingly